Si l’idée de se dépasser, se dépenser, et retrouver des liens sociaux, en sécurité et

dans la bonne humeur vous tente! 

 Rejoignez nous 


Do you miss sport and physical activity?

The pleasure of meeting up, laughing and sharing an activity together?


Infos importantes

Pour les lieux:  

Arcachon, Andernos et possible au lac de Sanguinet. 

A emporter:

Une combi, idéalement une intégrale 4/3, des chaussons pour le longe-côte, un bonnet-lunette de piscine pour la nage en eau libre, ainsi que la serviette et une tenue de rechange chaude.

Longe Côte / Aquagym outings


Longe-côte-Aquagym outings , on the Arcachon Bay coast, depending on the tides and the weather!

And with a good wetsuit, we'll be ready to get started in the water !!


What are the benefits of this practice?

Better blood circulation,

Joint relief with zero impact?

No muscle aches and pains,

Better breathing with air and sea salt,

And allow you to re-move and step out of your comfort zone.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

In short, the solution to all your ailments!

Open water swimming:


For the more athletic, objective:

Tour the Arcachon Basin in triathlon mode by this summer!

And for this challenge I suggest you train, in open water swimming,

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Running / Muscle building:


For the places, it will be mainly on Arcachon, on Andernos and also possible at the lake of Sanguinet.

The idea is to surpass oneself, to exert oneself, and to find social links, in safety and in good humor!

Your coach:



My biography :

* I am passionate about sports and self-taught full time, I have been swimming for almost 15 years in competition, and I now practice waterpolo and crossfit / muscle building.


* I am a sports educator, particularly specialized in aquatic activity and swimming, which I obtained with a STAPS sports training license.



* I have already trained in a swimming club with groups of all levels, given aquagym and aquabike lessons in the gym, and offered swimming lessons to the youngest, aquaphobia lessons to the older ones to overcome his fear of water.

* Currently I also offer sports coaching at home to individualize the program as much as possible, both at the sports level and on the hygiene of life with a look at diet and sleep.